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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


My cholesterol, triglycerides, and bad cholesterol were higher than they should be, but not irreparable. I can fix it, and my glucose was in normal range, so I'm not diabetic.  It's a big fat warning.  One I've had before, but I've outlived my Dad by 8 years now, and I know how much he's missed.  I don't want to miss anything.

On to a healthier, more vegetarian lifestyle.  I will do it slowly, but I can't give up meat entirely, just go to leaner cuts.  Yoga and walking will be my choices for a consistent exercise, and that does not include chores that will yield many calories burned - like deep cleaning, moving furniture, or painting.  I head into the holiday season with trepidation, as the temptations will be plentiful, but I have to change now.  I don't expect to be able to skate by any longer, and the worse thing right now is how much I hurt everyday - from being fat.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Coming Along...

I decided against the South Beach program, because as I looked over Jillian's meal plans, I really think I could change to that kind of lifestyle.  I love the recipes, and all I have to do is print a shopping list, which she provides.  I'll be "cleaning out my closet" this weekend and completing my "clean" shopping trip as well.  It should be fun, because I get to eat things I already love and try new recipes.  Luckily, my hubby is up for the challenge, too.  Here's hoping he will like the change in food.

I said today that I'm at a "now or never" point with this weight stuff.  I have been for years, but I'm 45, and you get lucky for only so long.  I have got to get it off.  I want to be a LOT more active.  I always knew when I would reach this point, but I thought it would come sooner.

I put myself into action today, and realized that I needed support, as suggested by my mom, and I started a little support group.  It did wonders for my mood and accountability.  I feel less alone already, and others joined immediately.  I posted recipes, a video of Jillian, and my highest weight pic.  I highly recommend having others to support you - it may save your life.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Awful Truth

A trip to the doctor when you're the "F" word, fat, is not fun.  That's when you have to face the music, and after losing over 75 pounds in five years, I hate to say I've gained quite a bit back.  In the spirit of honesty and accountability, I weighed 311, which is "way" too much.  I'm only 5'4" and smaller boned.    When I was thin, I had a small frame.  My blood pressure was also up - 146/96.  Not cool.  I got new meds for that, but it's not the answer.  I've yet to receive my blood work back.  I will update as necessary.  What's gotta change?

Diet and Exercise.  I'm obviously not moving enough or eating the right things.  I plan to get the South Beach Diet book today at Walmart, as I know at least a dozen people that have used this and it worked.  They have also kept the weight off.  My love and I are already walking every day after work... that started a few days ago.  I'll keep doing the yoga, and I'm going to keep up with the cardio that's been suggested by Jonna and Miss Katie.  It's the discipline I've got to demand of myself.  I've never been good at it, but I'd better be, or I won't need to worry about it at all.  That's not an option.  I'm pretty low about all this, but I'm trying to move forward...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Pizza Attack!

I had a great need for a pizza today.  Okay, maybe not a need, but definitely a hankering.  I didn't want to sabotage all that I had done all week, and my groceries were limited - as tomorrow is our shopping day.  I also couldn't literally afford a pizza.  Hmm...  What to do?

Pita Pizza.  That's it.  I put whole wheat pitas on a cookie sheet, spooned a couple of tablespoons of heart healthy tomato sauce with portobello mushrooms on top, and capped it off with a couple of tablespoons of cheese.  On my man's, because he is such a meat-eater, I sauteed some onions, chopped ham lunch meat (70 calories), and two chopped brats.  I topped his with cheese as well.  He LOVED it. Although, I would use pineapple next time instead of the brats, and that would make a Hawaiian pizza! It would also save a lot of fat and calories.

Anyway, I loved my little cheese pizza, and with a salad, it was plenty.  I'll have to look up how many calories I saved...  BTW, I cooked it on 400 degrees for 8 minutes.  It could have used 10.  :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Depression and Food

They seem to go hand-in-hand with me.  If I'm blue, I either don't eat at all, as my stomach gets into knots, or I eat too much because it dulls the pain.  Chocolate and sugar give me that feel good thing, temporarily, and carbs do the same.  Comfort food is the best: mac and cheese, breakfast, potatoes, ice cream, and more.  Problem is, they go straight to fat and the good feeling doesn't last long.  That doesn't stop me on some days, though.  Many people are like me, or we wouldn't have an obesity problem in this country, and skinny people "junk out" from time to time as well.  What do do with your feelings?

I don't feel like exercising in these times, but I have to push myself to be productive, as that changes my mood and thoughts.  I have an old friend that says, "move a muscle, change a thought."  She's right, and it works most of the time.  I have to go outside, as Katie says light therapy works to brighten you and wake you up to the world.  I have to stock my kitchen with "clean" food, so that when I want to splurge, I can do so in a healthy way - at the very least.  I love the vegan, chocolate, no-bake cookies that I made a couple of weeks ago, and I want to make Katie's cookies today or tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it turns out - and give you the recipe.  :)  For now, it's breakfast for dinner...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Forget to Eat!

I worked all weekend.  I don't know why I keep thinking that I'll get a weekend to do anything I'd like to...  We painted the living room a warm caramel color, and that was a two-hour project which included a lot of sweat.  It was 82 degrees in the house, so the sweat factor was high.  That's a good thing.  After that, I worked on Pinterest projects and cleaned the house, forgetting to eat on time.  I was famished come dinnertime, and I ate more than I should have.

Vowing not to let that happen again, I woke Sunday to my little office cleaning job.  Another couple of hours go by, and I come home to clean and do MORE projects.  I couldn't help myself.  I just had to get those things done.  I have an obsessive need to be crafty lately.  That's great, but I forgot to eat again, and then ate late and more than my stomach needed.  It's good to be busy, but not to sabotage it all at the end of the day!  I think I better put myself on a little schedule of eating a little something every three hours.  I normally eat smaller meals throughout the day, but not this weekend.  Letting myself get too hungry is not a good idea.  Why?  Besides all that I've mentioned, I'm now up in the middle of the night with heartburn, so I've disrupted my sleep, too.  Good thing, "Tomorrow is another day..."

Friday, September 14, 2012

Exercise from Anywhere!

My friend, Dr. Jonna, came over the other day, and was kind enough to pick up my Chinese herbal meds that I take.  Keeps me calm and has completely done more than Activia has attempted to do for years!  I'm starting a menopause pill, and I'm waiting to see if it works on those symptoms.  I'll let you know when I know.  Anyway, I was telling Jonna all about my ankle still hurting, and it's even more painful when I exercise.  If you remember, I sprained it terribly in June - at my wedding!  It still swells, is painful, and the doctor will see it at the end of the month.

However, I felt awful last Saturday, and I needed to move.  Jonna fixed me.  She taught me how to exercise from my chair, and some limited exercises standing up.  I learned how to do push-ups against the wall, reverse crunches, (doesn't hurt the neck), and a complete core and back workout right from the chair.  She said to use different kinds of things around the house to lift, to help get rid of the arm swing.  It works.  I feel better.  Also, my ankle is not as bad.  She said it would take about six months to heal properly.  I can't wait.  :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Splurging on a Birthday Dinner... Moderation?

1548 calories all in - even the cake.  Not bad, when you consider what a trip for fast food or a dinner out would cost you - thousands.  Since my hubby made dinner for my birthday last night, I just knew I would go over my calories for the day - according to Jillian!  I did go over just a bit, but since he made things from scratch, I was able to eat what I wanted and not kill the entire week in a day.  SO, what did I eat?

For dinner, I had an appetizer of cold peel and eat shrimp, a dinner including: 1 1/2 pounds of crab legs (in shell), fresh asparagus, and rice pilaf, and a slice of chocolate cake for dessert.   Thank goodness Kevin cooked, as he controlled such things as salt, butter, and the way things were cooked.  He steamed the seafood and the asparagus.  He only used a small amount of butter for dipping, not to cook with, and he used less eggs and oil in the boxed cake.   I was able to splurge while eating the seafood I love, and I couldn't have been happier.

I just added up the calories I would have eaten had I gone to Red Lobster, and it was 3030 calories.  That included cheddar bisquits and a 1490 calorie dessert.  Would you think their chocolate cake would be that much?  By staying home and controlling my food, I cut the number of calories I would have eaten by over half.  Besides that, I got to watch a great movie, too.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Turning 45 with Low Motivation...

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I don't say that lightly anymore.  I've out-lived my father by nine years, and my mother passed away at 62.  That should be enough motivation, but it doesn't seem to be all the time.  It's a burden to be fat.  It's not fun, and it's damn hard to lose it.  Plus, I believe menopause has me in its grip, and that will make it even harder - or so I'm told.  I've got an appointment with the doctor at the end of the month for an official weigh-in, and to catch up on three years of missed appts. due to a lack of insurance.  With that taken care of now, we'll see what all my stats are - and I'll post them, because I want people to know what I am or am not up against in the fight to be healthy and smaller.  I wish for a punching bag and pink gloves for tomorrow - if not, I'll get them for myself.  I know that I need the cardio, and my ankle is still a big problem in doing exercises with Jillian.  The bag should provide the cardio, be easier on my ankle, and get out my aggression and frustration.  At the very least, it should help my arms - they seem to want to wave hello to everyone lately!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cookies: Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Vegan?

Yes!  Still a bit fattening, but in moderation, they are much better than a store-bought cookie.  They didn't take long to cook, as they don't have to bake, and they are very rich with chocolate, enough to satisfy the worst sweet tooth.  I only needed to eat one to get my fix, and well ... we won't talk about how I can decimate Oreos.  I got this recipe off of Yummly, but I'll place it here as well.  Tomorrow, I'll make a cookie that Katie gave me the recipe for.  I can't wait.

2/3 cup maple syrup (real stuff)
1/4 cup of flax seed oil
5 Tbsp. of cocoa
1 tsp cinnamon

Boil these ingredients for 3 minutes, take off the heat, and then add:

1/2 cup peanut butter
1 cup of oats
1 tsp. vanilla

Stir well, drop by spoonful on to wax paper or a plate, and then refrigerate 30 minutes to set.

My new fav chocolate treat!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Starve a Cold and Feed a Fever? Not!

My love has a small fever tonight, and we had to look up our grandmother's advice to see if it was true in the medical field.  It's not.  According to Web MD, you need to always eat, regardless of the illness, as your body needs the nutrients.  It gave advice to eat beta-carotene and vitamins C and E that you need for your immune system.  This lead us to a big debate about dinner.  We decided on breakfast, as we both grew up eating breakfast for dinner as a normal part of life.  Sometimes, it's the best choice.  Why?  It's comfort food, has protein, carbs, and fruit, and is delicious!

All in moderation: egg white omelets with baby portobello mushrooms, sweet potato home fries with a bit of cinnamon, cheese grits, and a bit of watermelon (to cool his fever), and we have a delicious impromptu meal!  My lover is in the kitchen - despite his small fever, as he loves his cooking more than mine.  I think I need Julia's cookbook, so that I may surprise him from time to time.

Yoga was today.  I love it.  Nothing like a workout followed by a nap from meditation!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sugar and Chocolate = Mood Enhancement?

It's true.  Chocolate and sugar increase endorphins and give you a great feeling.  However, sugar gives you a bad crash, which eradicates its good qualities.  Besides, it's really poison, as I have written about before.  That didn't keep me from going to the peanut M&Ms today.  Again, I didn't buy them, but I'm having trouble saying no to things being brought into the house, particularly when I am in a sullen mood.  I want to reach for those things that make me feel better, and chocolate has always been a "go to" food for me.  I love it - all types and in many forms.  So, what do I do?

Well ... Katie is coming tomorrow to teach me how to make her great raw cookies, which we have to dehydrate, but are full of fruit and nuts.  What's that mean?  They will be good for me, give me natural sugar with a natural lift, as well as the protein in the nuts for clean energy.  I still have to eat them in moderation, but that's not the hard part.  I've battled and won the portion control.

I even have a surprise for Katie: she's bringing a recipe, but I looked up one with a cocoa base, fruit, and nuts - to suppress my chocolate cravings.  I hope she approves!  Tomorrow: recipes and pictures!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Importance of Medication

Ever gone without your medication?  I didn't have my blood pressure meds for the past week or so, and I never felt so bad.  Since I'm without insurance temporarily, I order them from a Canadian pharmacy, as they are significantly cheaper, and it took them longer to get here than expected.  One thing that saved me from feeling worse is the Chinese herbal medication that I take (under the care of a physician), and they are wonderful at keeping my core feeling calm.

However, when I received my meds yesterday in the mail, I immediately took them and felt better within an hour or so.  My heart calmed, my insides stopped feeling rushed, and my blood pressure normalized.  I also slept better.  I feel great today, even enough to exercise again (I suspended it when not on the medication for safety), and I will attack some yoga today.  I feel a huge need to stretch and sweat, and the meditation will do me a world of good.  I'll be on insurance in a week or so, and I won't have that problem again - and I'll make sure to always get them a couple of days early.  I can't wait to lose enough weight to go off of them - permanently!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bacon and Cheetos

I fell off the wagon at lunch today.  Had a bacon sandwich and Cheetos.  Bad.  Bad.  Bad.  Why did I buy it?  I didn't, but that's no excuse for eating it.  However, I'm no angel (quiet peanut gallery!), and I've been blue lately.  And tired.  I let all that get to me, and I just ate what I wanted.  It tasted good ... till the heartburn hit.  I'm not liking that, but my body seems to be telling me what I should and shouldn't eat lately.  I think I cleaned my body of a lot of yuck, so when I put it back in, it's rejecting it.  

Back on the wagon tonight, I'm about to pull a lovely roast chicken out of the oven, and I'll whip up some brown rice and green beans to go with it.  That should be loads better.  I didn't salt anything, as a matter of fact - it's what I'm trying to cut out completely now.  I watched "Julie and Julia" today, not for the first time mind you, and was inspired to cook - really cook.  I used spices on the chicken that are not going to raise my blood pressure, and I won't add anything else except some pepper.  I'm not going to beat myself up about the lunch today.  Just do much better tomorrow.  Gotta go get the chicken out!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Eating at a Friend's House

One of the hardest things to do when you leave the house is to eat properly, particularly when you are staying with someone, and have no control over the food they serve.  This happened to me week before last, and ended up giving me the worst case of indigestion by the end of the week.  I stayed the week, and I was able to catch good things in between main meals, like fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola bars; however, the rich clam chowder, ribs, mac and cheese, and more was an overload to my body and it could handle the rich foods.

It's because I've cleansed myself of a lot of junk when I add it up: no diet cokes, no processed sugar in my tea, more fruit, hummus, good-for-you cereal, and more.  The little changes are overcoming my bad habits.  I think from now on, I'll hit the grocery before staying with someone, or I'll take a care kit.  :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Water, Water, Everywhere!

It's been raining cats and dogs here in Florida lately, and I figured if the grass grew that high from the rain, then I should reap some benefits as well.  Besides, my doctors and trainers and books - oh my - have told me for years to drink the "blue gold," as it is now called.  I've started drinking one glass of water for every glass of tea, and it works for cleaning your water weight out, if nothing else.  However, water has many benefits as seen in the video on this page.  It cools me off faster than anything else, and though I'd rather drink tea all day, which I do a good job of, I'm beginning to crave the water.  Good thing, as it's very hot here.  Drink your water every day, as you'll begin to feel better: more clear-headed, thinner, and your fingers won't plump up in the heat so much!  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fruit: Solving the Sugar Cravings

Fruit!  I'd forgotten how much I love it.  When I went thoughtfully shopping the other day, Publix (our local grocery), had fruit bowls on sale for buy one get one free.  After skimming the small bowls for up to $8.00 a piece, I went for the uncut versions.  I picked up a whole pineapple, which is easier to cut than you think, cherries, grapes, strawberries, apples, and mangoes.  I'm having a ball this week.

Here's how to cut a pineapple:

If I have a sweet craving, I just eat a small bowl of fruit afterwards, and I feel better.  The cherries take longer to eat, so I munch on them as a snack.  They are also a natural painkiller, so I don't have to take a pain reliever for my daily headaches if I eat them.  I've had headaches my whole life, so a pain free fruit is heaven sent.  My friend, katie makes the best no-bake cookies with fruit.  I think she and I will have to see each other very soon!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sugar is Poison

While watching 60 minutes tonight, I viewed a story about how sugar is a poison.  Yep.  Seems that some doctors got together to research it, and they placed people in MRI machines to see the effects of sugar on the brain right after they injested it.  The brains reacted the same as they would if they had injested cocaine or heroin.  Sugar increases the release of dopamine, and the result is heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and more.  Here's the video, and I urge you to watch it.

Boy, am I glad I quit putting all that straight sugar in my tea ...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Feeling Great - Burning Calories!

Did you know that cleaning burns calories?  Sure you do, but do you know how much?  I just cleaned an office for 90 minutes, and I burned 720 calories.  I made sure not to stop and kept my heart rate up.  Cleaning is not the most fun thing to do, but if it works, then I'll do it all the time.

Now I have to clean the house - so more calories will be burned.  Of course, tomorrow is a rest day for exercise, so I won't be doing anything but chilling out.  However, I'm getting used to the movement, and I'll want to do something, even if it's just a small walk.  I have more energy now.  Yeah, just after a week.  I feel like doing things during the day that I just looked at with disdain before.  Like - cleaning my house!  Till tomorrow ... weigh day!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Muscles are Screaming!

The workouts have made me sore in muscles I didn't know existed.  It's good, I know.  It's also the third day, when you are the most sore from working out.  If I can stick it out for 30 days, as my sister says, then it will be a habit, and I will crave it.  Since I'm using weights (2lbs.), and I lift them in every way there is - over my head, out front, to the side, and more, my arms and shoulders hurt the most.  The good thing?  I know it's working or I wouldn't feel it.  I'm working it, and hard at that.

On the food side, I am so into hummus.  I may have mentioned it, but it's my favorite lunch, dipping into different flavors with my whole wheat pita bread.  LOVE it.  It gives me energy and it's quick.  It's a perfect lunch for the office, because it's so portable.  Another thing I'm digging the most is dried fruit for desserts.  It's very sweet, so you don't need much.  Cherries and pineapple are my favorite.  Try them, you'd be surprised how many ways you can use them to cook with as well.  They are great on salads.  Well, on to tomorrow.  I'll be pushing through the pain! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jillian kicked my booty!

Jillian has kicked my booty.  I am exhausted.  She says if you stick with it, you'll crave it.  I hope so, as my body is screaming, "What are you doing to me?"  The soreness is not the worst I've ever had - but it is everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  The combinations that she puts you through works every muscle, particularly your core.  When she said she was working everything out, she meant everything.  I'm including the video that I'm working on, and it's only because I want to share the greatness of it and the pain.  Just push play and go.  If you don't have hand weights, use cans of food.  Here's to tomorrow - another day of changing my body...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Working Out With Jillian Michaels

Whew!  I just got done with Jillian's "30 Day Shred" dvd, and it was both awesome and exhausting.  She really does give a tough workout, and I'm only on the first level!  I used a mat and 2lb. hand weights, as suggested, and I hate to feel my body when I wake up tomorrow.  However, I feel more energetic and like she says, "There are no shortcuts to losing weight."  You have GOT to work at it.

I love the circuits she has.  There are three of them with varying exercises for cardio, abs, and strength.  I love that I could feel my muscles working.  I've never wanted to get fit as much as I do now, so I think Jillian's Body Revolution is next.  That way, I won't get bored with the same dvd.  There's 15 in that kit.  Is it worth the money?  Yes.  Diseases from obesity cost much, much more - including your life.  I'll be 45 in a month, and I don't plan on dying anytime soon, so this is my way in - back in to life.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shopping Organic

The organic Cheetos might have been a bad buy.  They are good, but it's still junk food, only healthier. I've been changing my eating habits slowly over the past couple of weeks.  The organic cereal, dried cherries, hummus, whole wheat pita bread, and organic salsa are the better choices I made in my purchases today.  I have fallen in love with hummus again, as there are so many different kinds!  Sugar is gone from my tea now - totally.  I will be using either Truvia or Stevia.  Until then, the lemon I throw in is a welcome natural diruetic.

This week I will be starting my regular workouts with Jillian Michaels "30 Day Shred."  I have watched it, to make sure I could do all of the exercises, and she had modifications for some.  I'll also throw in two yoga sessions and a walk on Saturday.  I've got to get to some serious moving going, so the pounds will go!  I haven't weighed yet, so I'll have to do that this week as well.  Here's hoping that some of the changes I've made show on the scale.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Progress...

I felt like a dishrag when I woke this morning.  I have had more physical exercise in the past few days than in a good long while, as I sprained my ankle on my wedding day in June.  The ankle is much better - due to Dr. Jonna.  She happens, among many things, to be a massage therapist.  She took all of the pain out of my ankle within minutes.  Ah!  Finally.  I've been wanting to do Jillian Michael's exercises, but have been afraid to.

Speaking of which, I received Jillian's dvd in the mail today, and I watched it all the way through to see what I would have to modify because of my ankle and if that was possible.  It is!  Jillian has some modified exercises, not all, but enough that I can do the dvd.  I'll venture into that tomorrow since I'm moving some furniture again tonight.  That will be enough for today.

I have eaten less this week than last by thousands of calories per day, and kept my sugar in my tea low. It's a good thing I lived in England for a time, as I got used to loving the flavor of tea - without all of the sugar, so the switch to sugarless this week has been easy.  My fingers are not swollen anymore, and my belly is noticeably smaller, so I suppose I've lost some serious water weight.  YAY!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Burning Calories Big-Time!

I burned 2, 289 calories today.  What, you say?  How can that be?  When I plugged in three hours of moving today, that's how many calories Miss Jillian Michaels told me I burned.  I am beyond ecstatic!  It was worth it, and I plan to use all of my calorie burning activites on the exercise charting.  I haven't eaten nearly the calories I could eat today, so I'll come out ahead of the food for the first time this week.

I also have changed my tea with little incident.  I am drinking cardamon iced tea, with a 1/4 cup of sugar tea thrown in.  Dr. Jonna related to me that the sugar crash from what I was drinking would be terrible and to wean myself off.  I just splash a bit of the sugared in my 32 oz. cup, and since I make all the rest plain with water, I've got my water for the day, easily.  I'll completely go off the sugared tomorrow, when I replace the sugar craving with the all-natural stevia.  Looking forward to my modified Arnold Palmers again!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Breaking Bad Habits - Sweet Tea

I'm a Southern girl.  My mouth waters at the thought of my grandmother's sweet and tart Arnold Palmers that she would make.  Nothing like it.  Oh, except I'm drinking 1,035 calories a day!  I went off Diet Coke last year, and that was good.  It really cleaned out some water weight.  What was my next choice of beverage?  Tea.  At least I make the tea, and it's full of water.

I realized that a few changes were in order after logging in the sweet tea on Jillian Michaels site.  It AMAZED me how vast the calorie difference is between sweet and non-sweet - that you make from scratch.  There are 135 calories per glass of sweet compared to 3 - yeah, 3 calories of non-sweet.  I'm going to replace the sugar with some fresh juice, mint, and truvia.  Not all at once, of course.

I'm also going to venture outside Lipton again, and since I got an awesome tea maker recently, it made today's tea making easy.  I need variety in my tea, and I like it both hot and cold.  It hasn't been hard today so far, I've made the switch, and saved over 1,000 calories for the DAY.  That's extremely significant.  Can't wait to see what I'll change tomorrow...

Been a Long Time, Baby!

I fell off the wagon for the holidays, was ill for a few months, and then did not go back to trying to exercise and diet.  That sucked.  Notice the past tense.  I'm ready not to be fat anymore.  I've also said that a hundred million zillion times.  However, I fell and sprained my ankle on my wedding day.  I haven't liked how hard it's been to move with one good foot at this weight.  Not cool.  It is hard to lift my body weight.  I remember being thin.  I grew up that way.  I miss the lightness that my body felt then.  I miss doing things that my weight prohibits me from attempting.  I'm also tired of being limited in the activities I want to do because there is a weight limit.

I've decided to go back at it.  I've still got my Katie for advice and help if I need her, my aerobics instructor-sister is moving into town and has been waiting to get at me for years, and I ordered Jillian Michael's circuit training tape and joined her website for keeping track of calories in and calories out, weight tracking, and the menus and recipes.  I've kept track of my normal eating this week and have been shocked at the calories going in.  Once the computer adds them up, well - next week will be different.  My site will change shape over the next few weeks.  Join me on my journey... to health.