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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weigh Day After My First Week With Jillian!

And ... drumroll ... 11 pounds gone!  I totally skipped the sixties.  I weigh 259 now, and I am starting to feel stronger and happier.  My mood definitely improves with the exercise.  I even missed two days of exercise, due to a procedure at the doc on Monday.  That pissed me off.  I didn't expect it.  Anyway, it's all good.  I will do one more week of this kickstart plan, since I didn't exercise those two days, because that's a lot to miss at an hour and a half a day.

I feel like I'm on the Biggest Loser in my house.  Ha!  It's so hard to say no to so many things, but I am eating more than I was, so I think I really did reset it this week.  The foods will expand next week, and there are some great recipes in Jillian's book.

Eating Yesterday:

Breakfast:    Greek Yogurt with cinnamon and almonds
Lunch:         Chef Salad
Dinner:        Flounder with veggie medley and small amount of pasta.

Yeah, I know - no carbs on the first week.  Another reason I will be restarting it.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jillian is Kicking My Ass!

I'm not going to lie.  This is a rigourous, tough program.  It is exactly what I needed, but after being sedentary so long, the exercise is killing me.  Luckily, today is my one day off for the week.  Working out 3 times a day is quite a lot, but it is like Hell Week.  Jillian is pushing hard this week to get my metabolism back to a normal level.  I think it's really something.

I have weighed, but Wednesday is official weigh day.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Hope it stays or shows more of a loss.

Yesterday -
Yogurt, almonds, and cinnamon
Celery with almond butter
Tilapia with spinach salad

Eggs, Lox, and Onions
Chef Salad
Yogurt with honey and pecans
Turkey patty with a salad

It's an easy-to-follow meal plan, and the exercise is easy.  Well, putting it in the dvd player is easy.  Doing it is a whole other story!  It was very hard on my third day yesterday.  I came up with a solution to the hardwood floors and my knees - knee pads!  Duh.

I have two things about eating: you must eat early in the day to jump start your energy, and you must eat all your alloted calories, or you'll be starving by nine.

Off to REST!

Friday, February 21, 2014

JJ Day Two

Ha!  I didn't wake up today with the energy I had yesterday.  I was sore, tired, and not into anything.  I had to drag myself out of bed, make myself eat breakfast, as I usually don't, and push myself to exercise.  All day was a struggle - until I did my workouts, and then I had more energy and I wanted to make dinner...

Speaking of food, today I had:
Scrambled eggs, avocado, and tomato
Salmon for lunch
Salsa Turkey patty with carrots, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, and avocado.

I did not get my snack in today, as I needed to make dinner earlier than usual, so if I get really hungry, I can have the snack, although it's supposed to be after lunch.  It's celery and almond butter.  I have done the workouts, and I am full of extra calories for today, so the out-of-place snack won't be too bad.

Workouts:  Secret morning extra activity, Jillian's DVD 2 from Body Revolution and the Cardio.  Tomorrow, I have to do two cardio DVDs, giving my muscles a rest.  Sunday is a rest day.  Only one this week.  I can't wait.

I can report that between yesterday and today, I have more energy, I am happier in general, and I started back on my novel.

Hmm... maybe there is something to living well!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Jillian Journey

From now on, known as JJ for short.  I began her 90 day Body Revolution today.  Time to amp up the exercise and weight loss.  I have 145 more pounds to lose.  I'll take it 25 at a time.  It's overwhelming otherwise. 

Today's Exercise:  Body Revolution DVD One and Cardio One, with a bike ride.

Breakfast:  Greek non-fat, plain yogurt with cinnamon and sliced almonds.
Lunch:       (Was not hungry.)
Snack:        Hummus and baby carrots.
Dinner:      Filet Mignon and dark green salad with tomatoes and olives.

Now, I know I have to eat everything, as I am exercising so much, but it's hard to eat regularly after having bad eating/time habits.  I will start earlier in the morning.  I will also start exercising earlier, because I did the DVDs back to back, and I was very weak.  That's from no lunch and not working out in a while.  

Getting back to my life is difficult, but I have a great support group, and one of them is my stepmom.  She is amazing.  She is in her sixties, and she runs!  Such an inspiration.  She has more energy than I do, so I need to get moving.  

I also need to eat that dinner in the kitchen that's waiting for me!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Have You Given Up Your Resolution Already?

Did the Superbowl do you in?  Was it those cute little girls selling cookies?  Are you just tired after a month of exercising and dieting?  Ready to give up?  Already have?

Don't Give Up!


1,  You promised yourself.  You are the most important.
2.  You'll only panic before swimsuit season, when you start this madness all over again.
3.  You've already made a financial investment:  food plan, exercise, or more - don't waste the money.  4.  You are a role model for everyone you know.
5.  You promised yourself.

Many of you have talked yourself right out of exercising and eating right.  I'm guilty myself.  There's always tomorrow.  What, you say?  Begin today?  Okay!  Only if you do...  Get back on track with me, and forget those January blues.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My 5K

Hey all you readers out there!  I'm doing the Orlando NAMI (National Alliance of the Mentally Ill), 5K walk for the BringChange2Mind team.  My team fights stigma against mental illness, which I cover in my book, She's So Bipolar.  If you are so inclined and are a regular reader, please consider a donation! :)

Here's my personal page:

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Truth - The Christmas Gain

It was the truffle.  I had one, just one, before Christmas, and that's all it took.  I didn't binge, but I ate too much.  I gained 9.5 pounds.  Almost the Holiday 10.  I've lost 5.5 of it so far, and I have a new helper...

Jillian!  I'm back with Jillian, and her "Body Revolution."  She's really good.  The workouts are fun and change frequently, so that you don't get bored.  I completed exercises I've never done before.  Now, the ugly truth is that I only did Jillian once this past week.  The first time.  I was a jellyfish the next day, but I will be back at it, as I know it's the only thing that will get the weight off.  You can't lose 200 pounds without exercising.

The Body Revolution is something I will report on daily in the "Jillian Journey."  It will keep me accountable.  And, I will take new measurements to be posted soon.  I have new sizes as well!

Back at it!   C'mon, I know you all are waning.  Don't give up and don't let the Superbowl ruin your plans and get you off track!