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Monday, October 31, 2011

Update on Me and Katie

Well, I thought we'd be back at it.  Katie has more residual damage on her young body than originally thought, with many problems all over.  It's complicated by the fact that she works out to keep happy, healthy, and for simple fun.  All that joy has been taken from her.  On top of the accident, she received news that her father died just two weeks ago.  He was only 58.  Katie wishes she could have prevented it, as he was in poor health.  I wish I could have prevented those that have gone before me as well.  We can't, but we can work on ourselves and those around us.  I've fallen way off the wagon.  I've not gone back to Diet Cokes though, the bane of my existence.  I'm still on tea, water, and juices.  I'm not as active, and I feel it.  I'm lethargic and want to sleep all of the time.  When I do sleep, I don't sleep well.  Katie says exercise is the key to feeling better.  She is very limited in what she can do.  I've had thoughts of exercising for the both of us.  After all, I've gone UP a pants size.  That,'s in the wrong direction!  Particularly for someone who is buying a wedding dress in a couple of weeks.  Besides, I think it would make Katie smile - and I would feel better.  I think I'll start with yoga.