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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Importance of Medication

Ever gone without your medication?  I didn't have my blood pressure meds for the past week or so, and I never felt so bad.  Since I'm without insurance temporarily, I order them from a Canadian pharmacy, as they are significantly cheaper, and it took them longer to get here than expected.  One thing that saved me from feeling worse is the Chinese herbal medication that I take (under the care of a physician), and they are wonderful at keeping my core feeling calm.

However, when I received my meds yesterday in the mail, I immediately took them and felt better within an hour or so.  My heart calmed, my insides stopped feeling rushed, and my blood pressure normalized.  I also slept better.  I feel great today, even enough to exercise again (I suspended it when not on the medication for safety), and I will attack some yoga today.  I feel a huge need to stretch and sweat, and the meditation will do me a world of good.  I'll be on insurance in a week or so, and I won't have that problem again - and I'll make sure to always get them a couple of days early.  I can't wait to lose enough weight to go off of them - permanently!

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