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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Progress...

I felt like a dishrag when I woke this morning.  I have had more physical exercise in the past few days than in a good long while, as I sprained my ankle on my wedding day in June.  The ankle is much better - due to Dr. Jonna.  She happens, among many things, to be a massage therapist.  She took all of the pain out of my ankle within minutes.  Ah!  Finally.  I've been wanting to do Jillian Michael's exercises, but have been afraid to.

Speaking of which, I received Jillian's dvd in the mail today, and I watched it all the way through to see what I would have to modify because of my ankle and if that was possible.  It is!  Jillian has some modified exercises, not all, but enough that I can do the dvd.  I'll venture into that tomorrow since I'm moving some furniture again tonight.  That will be enough for today.

I have eaten less this week than last by thousands of calories per day, and kept my sugar in my tea low. It's a good thing I lived in England for a time, as I got used to loving the flavor of tea - without all of the sugar, so the switch to sugarless this week has been easy.  My fingers are not swollen anymore, and my belly is noticeably smaller, so I suppose I've lost some serious water weight.  YAY!

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