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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Awful Truth

A trip to the doctor when you're the "F" word, fat, is not fun.  That's when you have to face the music, and after losing over 75 pounds in five years, I hate to say I've gained quite a bit back.  In the spirit of honesty and accountability, I weighed 311, which is "way" too much.  I'm only 5'4" and smaller boned.    When I was thin, I had a small frame.  My blood pressure was also up - 146/96.  Not cool.  I got new meds for that, but it's not the answer.  I've yet to receive my blood work back.  I will update as necessary.  What's gotta change?

Diet and Exercise.  I'm obviously not moving enough or eating the right things.  I plan to get the South Beach Diet book today at Walmart, as I know at least a dozen people that have used this and it worked.  They have also kept the weight off.  My love and I are already walking every day after work... that started a few days ago.  I'll keep doing the yoga, and I'm going to keep up with the cardio that's been suggested by Jonna and Miss Katie.  It's the discipline I've got to demand of myself.  I've never been good at it, but I'd better be, or I won't need to worry about it at all.  That's not an option.  I'm pretty low about all this, but I'm trying to move forward...


  1. Having a walking buddy makes it SO much easier to keep at it, and you'll never have to cancel due to snow.

    1. Thanks, Bucky! Nope. I'll never have to cancel due to snow. And, for the most part, there aren't a lot of hills in Florida, either! Thanks for the post...