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Friday, July 20, 2012

Been a Long Time, Baby!

I fell off the wagon for the holidays, was ill for a few months, and then did not go back to trying to exercise and diet.  That sucked.  Notice the past tense.  I'm ready not to be fat anymore.  I've also said that a hundred million zillion times.  However, I fell and sprained my ankle on my wedding day.  I haven't liked how hard it's been to move with one good foot at this weight.  Not cool.  It is hard to lift my body weight.  I remember being thin.  I grew up that way.  I miss the lightness that my body felt then.  I miss doing things that my weight prohibits me from attempting.  I'm also tired of being limited in the activities I want to do because there is a weight limit.

I've decided to go back at it.  I've still got my Katie for advice and help if I need her, my aerobics instructor-sister is moving into town and has been waiting to get at me for years, and I ordered Jillian Michael's circuit training tape and joined her website for keeping track of calories in and calories out, weight tracking, and the menus and recipes.  I've kept track of my normal eating this week and have been shocked at the calories going in.  Once the computer adds them up, well - next week will be different.  My site will change shape over the next few weeks.  Join me on my journey... to health.  

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