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Thursday, September 11, 2014


I've gained 19 pounds this summer.  I know that half that is a lot of water weight from eating processed foods.  But there's some there that I must get off.  My daughter's wedding is in November, and I really want to look my best.  I don't how to get some serious weight off, other than to really exercise.  It's the healthiest alternative.

The Biggest Loser starts tonight.  I always get jazzed about that, although I fell off the last season.  I find it encouraging, so I've got to record that - will be painting tonight.  Painting the inside of a house is a lot of work.  I'm counting it as exercise.  :)

I love exercising, once I'm doing it regularly for a bit.  It's invigorating, feels like you accomplished something, and it's good for you!  How to stay motivated?

I'm going to make a visual dream board of all the things, places, and such that I want to have, be, and go to.  I've heard what you look at everyday becomes your life.  I'll try that.

That and getting off my butt.