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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Muscles are Screaming!

The workouts have made me sore in muscles I didn't know existed.  It's good, I know.  It's also the third day, when you are the most sore from working out.  If I can stick it out for 30 days, as my sister says, then it will be a habit, and I will crave it.  Since I'm using weights (2lbs.), and I lift them in every way there is - over my head, out front, to the side, and more, my arms and shoulders hurt the most.  The good thing?  I know it's working or I wouldn't feel it.  I'm working it, and hard at that.

On the food side, I am so into hummus.  I may have mentioned it, but it's my favorite lunch, dipping into different flavors with my whole wheat pita bread.  LOVE it.  It gives me energy and it's quick.  It's a perfect lunch for the office, because it's so portable.  Another thing I'm digging the most is dried fruit for desserts.  It's very sweet, so you don't need much.  Cherries and pineapple are my favorite.  Try them, you'd be surprised how many ways you can use them to cook with as well.  They are great on salads.  Well, on to tomorrow.  I'll be pushing through the pain! 

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