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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Scale

SINCE I didn't mention that the nurse said the scales haven't been calibrated for a while, and SINCE I was about to throw everything away for chocolate fudge, Hubby said, "Let's go buy a scale."

We did.

MUCH better results, and more like what I feel and look like. It says I weighed 6.5 pounds LESS than the doctor's scale. It's a new digital scale, and I put it in the guest bath, so that I won't be tempted to get on it every single minute of the day.

SO, that's 16.5 pounds total that I've lost in the past 8 weeks. Boy, did I cause myself drama. But, I am a drama-filled girl - particularly when scales are crazy!
With my blood pressure being lower, and having lost weight, I can now get off the ledge I was on!  Hey, success!


  1. hooray!!! but still there are times your weight will not change but don't stop what ever you are doing and backtrack! you didn't gain overnight and you won't loose overnight..

  2. I hate scales that don't match!