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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exercise, Weight, and Moods

I know for sure that exercise really takes the weight off.  The first 6 weeks I was doing my new plan, the weight melted off to 20 pounds, but now, well, I haven't exercised like I did for a week, and I really feel a difference.  I feel it in my body, as I get cramps and stiffness in my joints, and I feel it in my moods as well.

I'm happier when I exercise.  The endorphins do their work.  They make that serotonin pop out, and it's feel good day!  I have to push hard on some days to exercise.  Even if it's fun, like basketball or a walk at the Farmer's Market, I have to make myself do it.  It's not always fun, but it gets results.  Unfortunately, I have discovered that, thought about it, and decided that I simply have to do it.

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  1. You gotta push yourself and keep at it!