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Sunday, May 5, 2013

My New Book: She's So Bipolar

Sorry to take you away from my regularly scheduled programming of health and weight loss, but I've just come out with a new book called, She's So Bipolar.  You can find the link for the trailer to the left of this post and on You Tube.  Here it is now... making its blog debut: 

The book is a 100 page look at bipolar disorder: the good, the bad, and the ugly.  All pictures, except where noted, are by me - taken over a year's time, while I was working on my Master's degree.  My hope for this book is to inform people what it is like to have the disorder, and how to handle some of the toughest situations.  With chapter titles like, "Telling Your Children," and "I'm Manic Now: An Experiment in Writing," I tried to cover as much as possible in a simple, palatable way.  

You can find the book on Amazon and Create Space's e-store.  It will be on Kindle very soon.  I'll let you know... :)

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