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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Food

Okay.  I did some pre-planning.  For a typical Memorial Day lunch or dinner - or even all day festivities, here's what I might have eaten:

Hamburger with bun, mayo and ketchup
Potato Salad
Hot Dog with bun
Baked beans
2 deviled eggs
Chocolate cake
Ice cream

That used to be typical fair in my house, along with appetizers and alcohol.  Now, for the numbers.  For the meal above, the total calories are: 2,542.  For one meal!!  That does not include a beverage.  The number of fat grams? 114.  Almost triple the recommended daily allotment for me.  The sodium is 4,242 mg, more than twice the daily dose.  The protein is 77 grams, carbs are 456 grams, and the sugars were just over 100 grams. 

BTW, I used Live Strong to come up with my numbers, and the portions were not too small and not too large.

Let's just say that fish with watermelon mango salsa seems a good choice for Monday. :)

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  1. So proud of you for substituting!