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Friday, May 3, 2013


Good news to report.  Since my blood pressure was so great the other day, and down for a few visits, I have been taken off of two of the three high blood pressure pills that I was on.  The doctor said he can't wait to take me off the other one.  I can't either!  Meds only have side effects that I don't need.  This is huge.  I've been waiting to get off some of the medication, but I didn't know it would be so soon.  Although, I still have the one med, the main one.  He just doesn't want my blood pressure to go too low.  Ha!  That hasn't happened in years.  When I told him my exercise schedule, he was impressed.  Impressing a doctor is not something I'm used to... they are usually yelling at me!

In other news, the 5K tomorrow has a 50% chance of rain, but I plan on walking anyway.  Hubby is like, "No."  I don't mind walking in the rain.  He doesn't want me sick.  I say that it would feel good and cool me off as I walk.  I'm going.

So there.

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  1. Let's impress him more!