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Friday, May 31, 2013


Can I lose 170 pounds?  It seems impossible.  Like impossible, if you didn't get that the first time.  I wasn't always heavy.  I actually grew up underweight, and they were always stuffing food in me to gain weight.  "Eat all that's on your plate.  There's starving children everywhere."  I was even teased for being too skinny as a child.

Then puberty hit.

I've been fighting it since I was 15.  I always fluctuated, but I still stayed thin throughout my teens.  I'll post pics later, but I was little.  I remember that feeling, and it was great.  I want that back.  When I got married, I was pregnant in the first year, and I never recovered.  I ate more than I needed, and I hardly ever exercised.  However, I was put on some terrible weight-gaining medication at age 30, so that didn't help either.

It's a lot to lose.  I have more to lose if I don't get it off.  UGH.  

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  1. You aren't the first to have that goal and you won't be the last. you are part of the wonderful section that will have a success story!