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Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm with Garfield on Mondays!

Wow.  Sometimes, Monday hits you like a truck.  Or, maybe I just worked out a lot yesterday, which I did.  I need to.  Why is it so hard to wake on Monday?  It's simply that you've been having fun and doing what you want over the weekend, and then, "Bam!" there's the day you have work and responsibilities.  It's like healthy eating and exercise.

We get lax at night sometimes, but definitely over the weekend, as it offers so much opportunity for breaking all those good habits from the week.  Planning is the key.  On Thursday night, chop up fresh veggies and fruit, and store them in bags and Tupperware.  Then, you'll have plenty of good choices over the weekend if the sweet tooth gets you or if you are just hungry.  For example, I had hummus this weekend, but I grabbed chips to eat with them.  Had I cut some carrots or celery, I would have had it with that, but it was the weekend.  I deserved it, right?

Not really.  I deserve to be healthy and to move with ease.

I think I'll be prepping my clean food on Thursday this week. :)

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