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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fat: Living on the Edge of Mortality

My stepmother recently gave me a ton of advice, which I don't mind at all, but it left me thinking all day: I am on the edge of a precipice, looking down at death in the pit of fat, and on the other end, behind me, are all the things I could be doing: yoga, my bucket list of travel and daredevil fun, walking, playing with kids, going to a water park (which I haven't done in years and years) and more.  You see, intellectually, I know how to get the weight off.  Millions of Americans know how to get it off.  Yet, we don't take it off.

That's what my well-intentioned mother was telling me.  Get over myself and do it already.  Blogging about it is great, the changes I've made are good, but for goodness sakes, get out of your chair and move!  I hear it.  I know it.  It is overwhelming.  She said take it ten pounds at a time.  Seems impossible - 170-200 pounds to lose.

I'm working on a secret project, which I hope comes to fruition in my physical world, but until I know for sure, I've got to move.  I have to make it encompass my day.  I literally have to eat, exercise, and breathe twenty-four hours a day, and that's that.  I've got to watch my intake and every way that I cook things.

I need to change my life - hardcore.  It's time.

Join me as I begin the long journey back to health.  I'm going to turn around and run back to life.  I'm not ready to dive into oblivion, not just yet.

If you've got any tips, let me know. :)


  1. I'm popping in from the a-z challenge, even though it's over. :-) I save the linky list and I'm going to visit those that interest me. I struggle with weight and on. I'm now having health issues and I just HAVE to change my eating patterns. I'm going to follow you, so I can learn from you, and have a place to go when I need to see how someone else is doing. :-)

  2. Thank you! I stay pretty regular on this blog. I hope you find some interesting articles to read!