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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hubby's Big Surprise!

A basketball!  I love it.  It's so romantic.  I know, you're thinking, she's crazy, bring on the jewelry!  The thing is, he's supporting my weight loss by thinking of an activity that we can do together and inexpensively.  Something fun.  I love to play basketball.  Even if I miss, I don't care. :)

So, we went a few miles to the local school, and went on to their small, but sufficient court.  There were people around on the swings and walking the track, and I would normally be very embarrassed in front of them, but I didn't care this time.  I was with my man, and we were playing a good old round of horse.  He beat me by two letters, and was surprised that I could play.

We not only got to exercise together today, but we played, laughed, and had FUN.  It was really nice.

I can't wait to do it tomorrow.


  1. That was really thoughtful. Impressed! Hope he's still doing good with the unsweet tea.