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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hubby Caves

My husband told me yesterday to not put sugar in his tea anymore!  Yay!  This is a good, big change for us, as I'm tempted - and drink the sugared tea, but it's simply poison.  He's consented to a new way of eating, as I think he sees that we are still eating well, despite eating fresh and clean.  This is huge.  It's like smoking: when one quits and the other doesn't, it's harder for the one trying to stop.

The same goes for food.  It's an addiction.  Recent studies have shown that sugar is as addictive as crack.  That's stunning.  When your partner is eating sugary sweets or munching on chips, it's pretty hard to talk yourself into blueberries and yogurt.  Right?  It's so much better to do it together.  You can shop with each other, plan meals, and exercise.  Having a partner, spouse, or friend join you on your weight loss could just be the component you will need.  I know it's going to help me. :)


  1. My fit hubby is counting calories on myfitnesspal with me. He has been so surprised at the calorie content of foods. It has really helped me with hom playing along.

  2. It does help, doesn't it? I mean, no one expects an alcoholic to quit alone, so why a food addict? Glad your husband can share it with you!