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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bad Days Are Allowed...

Not "cheats," as those are explained later, but just one of those rainy, blue, stay-in-your-jammies days that comes along and kills your energy for everything.  Most people have those - whether they admit it or not.  Not all people are in on the "I need a day away" club, but a lot of us are.  We need space away from the world to re-boot.  I know that artistic people are especially prone to such days.  Heck, Picasso even had a whole "Blue Period!"  What to do?  Katie suggested many things, light therapy, music, food for-goodness-sake, and to move.  Blah.  Yuck.  HOWEVER, I went outside, for over ten minutes in the natural light that moves your mood, only to try to save a trapped Robin in my screen room before the German Shepard and Cat - known as Just Jazzie and Louie the Snob - made a rather primal meal out of him.  That was light therapy and action yesterday.  Music was noise, and the television worse.  A bath was wonderful...peace.  Someone on Face book said, "I'm going off the grid," which has become our new language for disconnecting from technology and the busy, noisy world we live in.  Today is better, and perhaps I can get some yoga done.  It would feel great to stretch.  I never know when I'll have to save a bird - by the way - the Robin made it.  I couldn't have saved him a year ago.  It's good for him that I exercise!

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