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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fighting with My Trainer

Okay, not all this stuff is easy.  The honeymoon is over, and although I feel better than I have in years, I got a bug up my butt this past weekend.  Katie, trainer extraordinaire, and I went bridal dress shopping.  For me.  I felt great.  BUT, I broke the fried food rule that we just made, (before I got to Katie) AND I wanted a dessert after the dress shopping.  Well, I got a little big for my 'britches, as my grandmother would say.  I felt so good.  I tried on dresses that were smaller than the ones I tried on in February, got a big head, had a partner in crime with me (not Katie), who shall remain nameless to protect her from repercussions, and I got in a snit with Katie when she only tried to help me.  In my defense, we've changed multiple habits that I've had for over twenty years in the course of 5 weeks.  That's pretty hard.  Now, Katie would say - "You've had enough years with that stuff, are you serious or not?" - and, no matter how big of a baby I want to be - she's right.  I've been fat long enough.  I've felt awful long enough.  And now I'm entering those hot flash times?  Yeah, time to be as healthy as possible.  I'm sorry, Katie.  Ready for tomorrow!

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