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Thursday, July 7, 2011

How I Got Fat

I've been asked by more than a few people, "Exactly, how did you get so overweight?"  I love it when they tag it with something like, "You're so smart - how did you not see it?"  This implies a couple of things: one, that fat people are inherently dumb, because only someone ignorant could gain and keep that much weight.  Next, that I've never looked in a mirror.  All fat people look in a mirror.  Usually, full of self-loathing, where upon they eat to self-medicate, thereby getting fatter and making a vicious cycle where none need be.  I know this because I'm fat and I know fat people.  That's the thing.  Over half of Americans are.  I know the intelligence of Americans is widely debated in the world, but we do know we're obese.  We diet all the time!  So, how did I get fat?  I thought I'd list it:                                                                            
  1.  Sedentary Lifestyle.
  2.  Cycles of overeating and starving myself.
  3.  Drinking alcohol.
  4.  Drinking tons of diet soda.
  5.  No water.
  6.  Poor diet.
  7.  Poor sleep habits.
  8.  Medication that caused weight gain.
  9.  Lying to Myself. 
  10.  DIETS

I'll go through each of these in different articles, but I can say I just smashed the lying to myself with this blog!  I cut alcohol, diet soda, started exercising, got my sleep cycle rearranged, quit dieting, and I drink a ton of homemade tea now.  All these changes have been within a month.  I feel better than ever.  I never thought I could do it, but it gets easier every day.  There just comes a point where you have to stop lying to yourself.  I was hurting myself more than anyone else by refusing to see it.  Like I said, we're not dumb. :)

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