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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alcohol: Death to a Diet

I don't care what the justification is, alcohol truly is death to dieting.  Usually, you don't just stop at one, and before you know it, on a "night out," you can spend over a thousand calories in beer alone, and if you are drinking sugary tropical drinks, well, you may go into the thousands of calories - just by drinking.  Do you realize how much "smart food" that would be?  A lot.  A whole lot.  Why do you think they call the distended belly due to alcohol a "beer gut?"  I know this well.  I loved my beer once.  And tequila.  I quit  alcohol over two years ago, and within the first 4 months, I lost 35 pounds.  I wasn't dieting.  In fact, I ate MORE, because there were grumblings in my belly: "Feed me Veronica!"  But, the weight I lost was a LOT of water and sodium.  I also wasn't ingesting a ton of sugar from the alcohol, so that wasn't turning to fat in my body.  Even one cocktail party on the weekend is enough to trash your diet - or live-it.  :)  If you're going to have one from time to time, then make sure you drink a ton of water and exercise to get it off ... just like food.  I've found that I really don't miss it.  Food tastes so much better, and it doesn't give me a hangover.  :)


  1. GIrl you nailed it for me! I tried to deny that wine was not the problem. I've had grastric bypass and even had an MRI to see if my stomach had expanded. Not! I was not exercising and all I did was drink wine ONLY! Daily, during the MFA program I sat at that MAC and wrote my heart out through wine. Chardonnay! Before I realized it I was al most up to a bottle every three days and then a half a bottle a night. I looked at my stomach in my clothes and you could sit a glass on my butt and my stomach looked like an unloved roller coaster! Needless to say, It was killing me softly. I stopped, have moved on to a full exercise program of water arebocs and my body gosepl at hime. Along with weight watchers, I should be fit for a long life journey! THanks for this article. Love our blog!

  2. Thank you!! I try to write exactly the way it goes down, but I don't always get it right. This though, I know what works and what doesn't. I TOTALLY get your wine+thesis=graduation though! Thanks for reading! Best~ Veronica