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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seat Belt Victory: EPCOT

As I said before ... it's not all about the weight.  Sometimes it's about how your fat gets in the way of living your life.  I love Disney.  Yes.  I'm a Disney freak.  However, at my largest weight (pictured lower left on the blog), and even two years ago, I couldn't even buckle the seat belt on "Soarin'," Disney's great air suspension ride at EPCOT.  I'm quite fond of this ride, because you go so many places during the course of it.  I love travel, and even though simulated, I'd rather be going somewhere.  To my surprise, despite having to brave four student groups clapping and cheering because all 200 of them got to fast pass us, I arrived at the dreaded seat.  I grabbed it while still standing, extended it to it's greatest length, and then sat down.  To my surprise, it buckled, and this is what was left over: 

I think we're making progress... :)

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