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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Over 30 down now!

I lost 5 pounds last week.  I've no idea.  I was more active, just a bit, though, drank more water, and ate less - but still, 5 is a lot.  I'll take it!  So, that's 31 pounds gone, and I am going to go exercise today.  This is the most I've ever lost on purpose, so I am thrilled.  YAY!

It's been a hard road just to 31, and I have SO much more to lose.  I was thinking that this morning, and I decided that I would just think about that later, and concentrate on getting under the next 10 pound marker.  If I keep concentrating on 10 pounds at a time, it's better for my mind, but it also keeps going into a different set of numbers, like from 289 to 279.  That's good to see, because seeing that double digit number go into the next set down is motivating.

Gotta go eat some breakfast.  I love berries and yogurt.


  1. that's fabulous Nikki!! please don't give up!People who have never had to really work to loose weight don't know how hard it is!..very happy for you!

  2. Congrats! I am so very proud of you! 31 pounds is almost 5 Graysons!