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Friday, August 9, 2013

Body Image and Weight

A friend of mine has been telling me for years to "dress the package," no matter what my weight was at the time, or that I didn't believe I could.  She tried to take me shopping so many times, but to no avail, I usually ended up with my usual stretch pants and a big top.  I got to where I detested shopping.  Soon, I couldn't shop at those stores anymore; I even got too big for Lane Bryant and had to order my ill-fitting clothes online, receiving them in the mail.

I hated my body, and I'm still not happy with my belly or flappy arms, but I've learned to dress the package.  I never thought anything would look good on me, and I grew up with all thin women - oblivious to my problem of finding clothes.  I remember one outfit my grandmother bought me, and I looked like a grape in it- an all purple jumpsuit!

It was my hubby that reminded me of beauty at any weight, and I shouldn't punish myself with no decent clothes just because I'm big.  It was strange the first time he took me shopping.  In fact, he told me to go to the dressing room, as I was freaking out - knowing that nothing would fit, but he came back with a ton of clothes.  Only a few fit at the time, but it was a start - in a real store!  Fitting in a bathing suit came next, then more stores were added, and I've found I love Wal-Mart's women's section.  I can buy cheaper clothes while I'm losing weight and then branch out some more.

It's been a very long journey, and to most people (those that judge), I look big no matter what I put on, but I like what I wear now, and I wouldn't change a thing.  I dressed the package, and now I like it!

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  1. "Dress the Package"! I love that!!!