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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Body Image, America, and Obesity

With well over 50% of Americans being in the overweight to obese category, the rise of obesity in children, and my own personal fat - well, even though we are the majority, we are still vilified.  I know, here she goes...  Don't worry, it's painless.  We are perceived as lazy, unhealthy, and gluttonous.  Like we don't know we eat.  Most heavy people I know are extremely productive, so I don't know where that laziness comes from.  Unhealthy, well, not everyone is, but most all are or are headed that way.

How does this fit into body image?

People's perceptions, sneers, and stares are hard to overcome.  You may say, well - lose weight!  Well, I am!  But, most people don't know that I'm doing it.  People judge strangers.  As soon as they "size" you up, they've made up their minds towards the negative about you before even saying the first word.  Not all people are like this, but I''ve found that many to most are extremely judgemental, and even heavy people are as well!  How hypocritical.

When you know people are perceiving you as negative before even talking to them, it makes me feel terrible about myself.  Thus, in the past, I would eat if a child pointed at me or someone said something to me as they passed, like, "Fat Bitch."  I don't anymore.  I'm trying to not allow others ignorance over weight matters to have an effect on me.  I'm not going to lose this overnight, and it would be nice to be able to pick out clothes, or for goodness sakes - pick out groceries, without people staring.  Jeez.  I do need food and clothes.

I'm not usually "preachy," but don't judge someone who is obese before you get to know them.  They may just be the most beautiful person you ever met.

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  1. I remember seeing a woman shopping at Hot Topic. she was a size 15 trying a size 9 and it wasn't going too well. I remember thinking "Jeez lady, I just told you what size you are. why don't women just be happy with their size! you'll look better" okay, not the wooorst judgemental thought but still there. After talking with her, turns out over two years earlier she was 400 pounds and her doctor recommmended her using a wheelchair to save her knees. The whelchair terrified her so she started working out and eating better. 75 pounds dropped and she hit a wall. her doctor recommended doing that stomach band thing since her heart was healthy. She lost another 150. when she came into the store she had lost another 20 pounds and was a size 15(the usual cut-off size at that store). she was checking her size because she didn't know if she had hit her goal yet or not. I felt really bad but i also was pretty impressed with her. She was young too, really just maybe 5 years older than me.She just wanted to be a size 9.