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Friday, September 6, 2013

Motivation When the Scale is Stalled

You simply keep going.  I've tried to analyze it, get out of exercise, not eat (thinking I would lose more), and more... but the fact is that you have to do two things: exercise and eat plenty.  Yes, calories must be considered, but they are not the only factor.  Drinking water helps flush and cleanse your body and blah, blah, blah ... you've heard it all, right?  Well, it's unfortunately true.

You've got to rid yourself of processed foods as much as possible.  Eat fresh and you'll lose weight.  If my husband did not insist on meat, as he is a typical carnivore, then my grocery bill would be even lower.  I have saved money since eating healthier.  You wouldn't think so, but switching out berries for ice cream or tea for soda, with no sugar, can save money.  Ice cream is expensive and so is soda, pop, or coke - whatever you call it.

Where's the motivation?  Keeping busy with all of the above can give you the motivation to see it on the scale.  Losing over 30 pounds now did something for me.  I am more motivated.  Getting my body rid of toxic food has done it as well.  I still eat fried food every once in a while, but have cut it out for the most part.  I had a diet coke the other day.  It tasted gross.  When I can get rid of a bad habit, I do feel more motivation.

I can do stairs with more ease.  That alone is reason enough to keep going.  That, and I'm not dead yet.

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