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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another One Down

It's coming off slowly, but it's staying off.  I mean staying off.  I may fluctuate during the week, but the solid 26 is gone.  I hope for good!  Exercise is a priority this week.  I want to lose 2 or more pounds by next week, and the only healthy way is to exercise more; besides, I've slid back into my old routine of no structured exercise.  I do loads of forced exercise, but my body must be getting used to it, because that alone is not taking the pounds off.  Back to the hamster wheel!

I eat well now.  I've cut out most all fast food, although sometimes I have a craving.  It doesn't taste as good anymore, so I've given most up, except for frappuccinos.  I love them.  I make allowances for them.  I have about one a week, so it's a treat and not a daily thing.  Besides, it's too expensive!  I eat a whole heck of a lot more veggies and fruit.  They are staples now, not a chore anymore, and less expensive than the junk.  I ate a bowl of berries last night for dessert, and I was completely satisfied.

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  1. Carlos and I shared a bowl of strawberries last night! (and we used that strawberry huller that stumped me at the shower. lol)