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Monday, February 18, 2013

Obesity and Death

Did you know obesity can kill you?  Sure you do.  However, when faced with the possibility, it seems improbable.  It's not.  A good friend of my husband's died yesterday.  He was 47.  His liver failed him.  I won't go into details, as it isn't necessary and would cross some privacy lines.  However, I feel my mortality like no other time, as I am only two years younger and obese.

I feel like I'll die before I get all the weight off.  Hubby says that I'm fine.  Look, I've gone through enough death in my life that I know it can happen in a split second, particularly strokes and heart attacks.  My thoughts are with the gentleman's family, my husband, and lingering thoughts of trying to get on "The Biggest Loser," or joining a gym.  Maybe I need that motivation.  Maybe I just need to take a walk.  

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