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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Beginning...

   I've always wanted to be a writer, but I never thought my first blog would be about my weight.  If writing is purging, then there's something symbolic about this.  I was always an underweight kid.  Yeah.  Believe it.  After puberty hit, I started getting teased because I had a "Mae West" type figure.  The solid 8.  Looking back, I realize it wasn't so bad!  So why did I let all those voices get to me about how big I wasn't?  (Not at 110-125)  Because it's human nature to listen to those we trust.  People tell you, "It doesn't matter what people think," but don't we naturally consult people on many things?  Ha!  Down to what we wear!  SO, let's get rid of all that crap from the past and move on.
   It's a new day:  Both my parents died at young ages: 37 and 62.  I'm 43 now.  Exactly.  SO - let's do this thing!  I met Katie Hanrahan about three years ago, but it feels like I've always known her!  She's an old soul, which meshes with mine, and for some reason - I can't say no to her!  She's too sweet.  I'm convinced it's partly why she became a trainer.  :)   When she moved into Orlando a month ago, we decided to get this weight off me.  MANY people have tried to motivate me, but Katie has an advantage and determination most don't: she'll just show up at my door if I don't answer!  So, we decided to take on this challenge together, and it doesn't hurt one bit that in this next year I'll be wedding dress shopping.  However, I'd just like to have a bit more time than Dad and Mom did...

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