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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Groceries at Aldi's

Aldi's grocery chain is relatively new in my part of America.  I know it is a European store, because they told me, but also because I lived overseas and loved them then.  Now, why is this relevant to this blog?  Prices.

The cost of veggies and fruit are fantastic.  I paid only $1.39 for a package of blueberries.  $1.19 for a cantaloupe.  Their cheeses, yogurts, dried goods, and meats are all less than Publix or even Walmart in some cases.  It is a small store, and you must put a quarter in the basket to release it to you - you get it back when you return it, and you must bag your own groceries, so take your own "green" bags.  This all helps them cut the costs to you for those goodies like avocados for only .33 each. (on sale)

I loved shopping there yesterday, and bought not only blueberries, but oats, cantaloupe, apples, cranberries, almonds, and more.  Everything that Jillian Michaels suggests is not there, but enough is for the price and convenience.  Also, I wasn't as tempted to buy junk.  I was too busy looking for deals on the clean food.  Check them out!


  1. I love Aldi! I shop there all of the time to save money. Unfortunately, we live VERY close to Publix, so I walk there all of the time and waste a ton of money on their prepackaged foods.

    1. I love Publix, too, but it is so expensive, particularly produce. I want to go to the farmer's market down the road on Saturdays, but I can never seem to get there! Thanks for the comment!