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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recliner Chick Fights Back

You can talk yourself right out of exercising and eating right.  It's easy, isn't it?  That's because NOT doing something is way better than actually getting off the couch.  I am a recliner chick, myself.  I love it.  I want to stay in it all day long.  Sometimes, I do.  I have marathon Law and Orders or writing stints that last till all hours.  I love reading and movies.  I write for a living.  Therefore, I live in my chair.

That had to change.  The best thing I'm doing for myself now is getting up and down all day.  I pick a chore and do it.  I pick an activity, usually yoga, and do it.  I want light therapy, so I go outside and feel the sun and breathe fresh air.  I go out for my errands, instead of depending on others.  I can report that living a normal life is difficult.  Moving at my weight is hard.  Some days, I feel like concrete.  However, getting out of the "chair" is necessary for my survival.  Period.  I don't want anyone burying me in it.  I'm going to make a Pinterest project: a pallet couch.  Cushioned, of course, but it won't be as comfy as the recliner.  It will be for sitting.  Then, I can sell the recliner and buy that punching bag I want.  Hmm...

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