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Friday, February 8, 2013

Yoga is Changing Me

Yoga is changing my life.  I love the meditation part, as I'm learning to just relax, and I find the poses challenging.  I can't do them all or even close to gracefully, but I feel stronger inside.  I think I may be getting muscles.   Hmm... now why would I do that?  Because it feels great, that's why.  I've been doing more yoga than anything else, but I love it.  I think I'll go to step 2. :)

Eating: well, I've replaced all my snack food.  There's still junk in the house, and I even grabbed a handful of chips today, but I've decided to keep the other stuff around me: soy nuts, peanuts, apples, tangerines, and loads of veggies.  Having a lot for dinner fills me up and leaves me without wanting dessert.  That's a good thing.  

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