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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Butcher's Granddaughter

I'm a butcher's granddaughter, which means that I grew up eating great cuts of meat cooked perfectly.   I didn't realize how spoiled I was until I got married to a man that likes steak burned.  Luckily, that was a lifetime ago.  Now, hubby Kevin used to be a cook for restaurants in the early days, and the man can cook a medium rare steak.  Drooling yet?  Well ... I think I want to give up my daily intake of meat and go vegetarian several days a week.  I'm tired of feeling bad.

It's after consuming meat recently, that I realize the digestion process, and my body does have a hard time with it, which lead me to wonder if I should really be eating it in the first place.  I mean, I love it, but I am becoming more aware of how it is raised and shipped, (see "Vegucated") and I am starting to feel better the less I eat it.  I don't feel as dragged down or tired.  I feel "cleaner" inside, if that's even possible.  The more veggies I add, the more I am full and happy that I didn't choose a worse alternative.  Today's finds included yellow squash, which I'll eat raw or sauteed.  Love it.  I love have dried fruit and nuts for snacks.  It's much more filling than chips.

See, there are many reasons to go vegetarian.  I'm considering.  You know, there are herbivores and carnivores, and I don't think I could go off of it completely, but I can do without as much of it.  I think I'm in the "shades of grey..."

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