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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

W is for Walking!

Walking 2 miles today, that is!  I have a 5K coming up, and I will have to get my walking in every day now, as the race is just about ten days away.  I need to build some stamina.  Going to the gym today for strength and cardio, but since I can only do the elliptical for a very little bit, I will do the walk - on the way to play basketball!  I think I'm going to be very sore for the next couple of weeks.  I hope my muscles get used to this pretty soon, because getting through the pain is keeping me from pushing myself.

There, I said it.

Plus, being afraid of success.  I don't know why I feel a little afraid to be thin again, as I was a skinny kid, and a good figure 8 in a size 5 at 118 pounds - far, far, away!  I want that again, I have to acclimate myself to the weather (it's pretty hot here already), and I need to get those old feet in shape.  I can do it.  Just a part of the journey...


  1. I've always loved walking. Even though I can't run at the moment, I still feel ok because I can walk. I'll be interested to hear when you do your first 5k race! :3

  2. You will be even better than you were as a kid because you'll have wisdom and muscle!