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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fat is Not Funny

You know, Jonathan Winters died on Friday, and it got me thinking... we still think fat is funny.  It really isn't.  You wouldn't laugh at an alcoholic would you?  Okay, maybe when they are in the jovial, joke-telling phase, but even drunk all the time isn't funny.  Fat people have been making money off their rotund figures for centuries, everyone from actors to carnival fat ladies.  There have been hysterical obese people, but it seems they all have a problem: they tend to die young.

Now, Mr. Winters was 87, but let's look at John Candy, John Belushi, Fatty Arbuckle, and more.  Fat made them famous, but in the end, they were gone before their time.  Why?  Not just drugs are to blame, as we don't always look at the depression being overweight can cause, thus the drugs, then death.  Obese people don't want your pity, stares, or laughter.  They just want to fit in and not be judged.  I didn't get to be 320 pounds by saying, "Oh, I'd love to be over 300 pounds."  It wasn't my life's goal.

It's not anybody's goal.  However, you and I can change that.  Make small changes... cut out sugar, cut out soda.  Don't think you can do it?  I did.  If I can, anyone can...

Doc weigh-in tomorrow.  Nervous.


  1. hmmm i was writing and hit something and don't know where it went!.. i'll begin again.. you didn't put on weight overnight and it won't come off overnight..just keep trying to eat healthier but smaller portions and get thru a day at a time..don't look at it as long term, just as better choices