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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

P is for Planet Fitness

I joined Planet Fitness online last night, to save the sales pitch, and it was easier. I went in today, and I was disappointed that someone was not there to show me around, make sure I know how to use everything, etc...  They say they have unlimited training, so I had to make an appt. for that.  I get it, a trainer's time is money, but they advertise training like it's always available.  I was surprised.

Since no one showed me around, I took a tour with my free t-shirt they gave me, and put that on in the spacious locker room.  I have a bit of a bum ankle, so I opted for the elliptical over the treadmill.  I could only do a minute and a half before my legs were like water.  That was going 2.5 miles an hour.  So, I got off that, thinking that tomorrow I'll do three minutes, and just double it every day.  Before I know it, I'll be up there.

Since I don't know how to do all the newer stuff, because the last time I was in a gym was a long time ago, I just did four machines: 2 for legs and 2 for arms at 3 sets of ten reps with 30 seconds in between.  That took about fifteen minutes.  I was sweating pretty good, had dipped my toes in the gym water, and I left.  Since I was craving a real workout for much longer, I went and played basketball with the hubby after he got off work.

I beat his booty.  :)


  1. Good for you! A to Z and another Examiner writer! So glad to find you!

  2. sounds like you are trying to make a healthy life change. great!
    i recently joined a gym too, but more for the classes & machines. and healthy eating choices are tough!

    lets both hang in there!