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Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fear of Failure

I love alliteration and I am terrified of failing at anything, thus the title.  This applies to weight tenfold.  I've been successful in many areas of my life, yet the successful challenge of losing weight has escaped me.  I have attempted, as talked about yesterday, but not been able to hold a steady weight since my early twenties.  The fear of gaining more weight is an issue.  There is fear of not being able to do exercises in front of people.

However, it's not as bad as the fear of being fat.  People look at you when you eat.  Like, you aren't supposed to eat anything.  It's hard to buy clothes.  Hell, it's hard to walk.  Fat is no fun, and what I've decided is that the fear of fat is worse than the fear of failure.

And it's more real.

Here's a video about "Overcoming the Fear of Failure."


  1. Fear itself can be a motivator. I try and turn fear into an action to overcome. I think that fear's greatest ally is doing nothing. But we can use fear to motivate us to action, even if it is a small action, still it is a step in the right direction. Often fear of failure results when we dwell on the total picture, instead of just a small attainable step. Enjoy your thoughts--visiting from A-Z

  2. Fear is a nasty beast. I think fear of fat and fear of failure are both too real for my tastes. I still haven't been able to conquer either, but I tell myself that I'll be OK. I run as fast as I can to achieve my dreams and try to take care of my body too.

    I really like the information on your blog, I have a small section of food and fitness on mine too and maybe you can join me for Reader's Workouts. It's kind of fun to keep us motivated you can see more info here:

  3. I admire your goals. It's difficult for most women to control their weight when they reach menopause. Good luck and keep on exercising.

  4. Failure isn't about falling down, failure is staying down"

    One of my favorite bands, and one of my favorite lyrics.

    1. Oh that is a good lyric, not listened to Marillion for years, shame on me. Happy A to Z to all.

  5. As a life coach, I've learned that there's no failure, only feedback - whereas 'failure' implies conclusion, feedback invites response. -Belinda [A - Z participant].