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Thursday, April 11, 2013

K is for Poatassium

On the periodic table!  My hubby has had leg cramps and was told he had low potassium, so we started eating more of the foods listed below, and wah-la!  Leg cramps are gone.  Food really can heal you.  Enjoy the table and the food!

World's Healthiest Foods ranked as quality sources of
Foods Rating
Swiss Chard1 cup cooked35.0960.7527.414.1excellent
Spinach1 cup cooked41.4838.8024.010.4excellent
Mushrooms - Crimini1 cup19.1389.7611.110.5excellent
Papaya1 each118.6781.2822.33.4very good
Beets1 cup raw58.5442.0012.63.9very good
Cantaloupe1 cup54.4427.2012.24.0very good
Tomatoes1 cup raw32.4426.6012.26.8very good
Carrots1 cup50.0390.4011.24.0very good
Fennel1 cup raw27.0360.1810.36.9very good
Brussels Sprouts1 cup raw37.8342.329.84.7very good
Blackstrap Molasses2 tsp32.1340.669.75.5very good
Cauliflower1 cup raw26.8319.939.16.2very good
Kale1 cup cooked36.4296.408.54.2very good
Summer Squash1 cup raw18.1296.068.58.4very good
Turnip Greens1 cup cooked28.8292.328.45.2very good
Broccoli1 cup raw30.9287.568.24.8very good
Mustard Greens1 cup cooked21.0282.808.16.9very good
Asparagus1 cup raw26.8270.687.75.2very good
Mushrooms, Shiitake87 g29.6264.487.64.6very good
Celery1 cup16.2262.607.58.4very good
Romaine Lettuce2 cups16.0232.186.67.5very good
Green Beans1 cup raw31.0211.006.03.5very good
Bell Peppers1 cup raw28.5194.125.53.5very good
Eggplant1 cup raw19.7188.605.44.9very good
Lima Beans1 cup cooked216.2955.0427.32.3good
Potatoes1 each baked160.9925.5526.43.0good
Yam1 cup baked157.8911.2026.03.0good
Soybeans1 cup cooked297.6885.8025.31.5good
Pinto Beans1 cup cooked244.5745.5621.31.6good
Lentils1 cup cooked229.7730.6220.91.6good
Kidney Beans1 cup cooked224.8716.8520.51.6good
Dried Peas1 cup cooked231.3709.5220.31.6good
Avocado1 cup233.6708.1020.21.6good
Halibut4 oz-wt158.8653.1718.72.1good
Tuna4 oz-wt157.6645.2418.42.1good
Cod4 oz-wt119.1586.2716.82.5good
Yogurt1 cup154.3573.3016.41.9good
Sweet Potato1 cup baked102.6541.5015.52.7good
Scallops4 oz-wt127.0539.7715.42.2good
Milk - Goat1 cup168.4497.7614.21.5good
Winter Squash1 cup baked75.8494.0514.13.3good
Banana1 each105.0422.4412.12.1good
Green Peas1 cup raw115.7373.3010.71.7good
Prunes0.25 cup104.4318.429.11.6good
Oranges1 each61.6237.116.82.0good
Onions1 cup raw64.0233.606.71.9good
Kiwifruit1 each45.0225.006.42.6good
Collard Greens1 cup cooked49.4220.406.32.3good
Strawberries1 cup46.1220.326.32.5good
Raspberries1 cup64.0185.735.31.5good
Grapefruit0.50 each41.0177.925.12.2good
Grapes1 cup61.6175.725.01.5good
Watermelon1 cup45.6170.244.91.9good
Leeks1 cup raw54.3160.204.61.5good
Cucumber1 cup15.6152.884.45.0good
Cabbage1 cup raw17.5119.003.43.5good
Figs8 oz-wt37.0116.003.31.6good
Turmeric2 tsp15.6111.103.23.7good
Plum1 each30.4103.623.01.8good
Basil2 tsp7.
Apricot1 each16.890.652.62.8good
World's Healthiest
Foods Rating
excellentDV>=75% OR
Density>=7.6 AND DV>=10%
very goodDV>=50% OR
Density>=3.4 AND DV>=5%
goodDV>=25% OR
Density>=1.5 AND DV>=2.5%


  1. Swiss Chard, Kale, and Eggplant are perfectly suited to Central Florida summer gardens and are super easy to grow! One of my favorite guilty snacks is hummus spread into a leaf of swiss chard, rolled up. So crunchy, tasty, and satisfying! Who knew it would cure those horrible charley horses?

  2. Right? I suppose nature does heal. Thanks for commenting!