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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Jillian Journey

From now on, known as JJ for short.  I began her 90 day Body Revolution today.  Time to amp up the exercise and weight loss.  I have 145 more pounds to lose.  I'll take it 25 at a time.  It's overwhelming otherwise. 

Today's Exercise:  Body Revolution DVD One and Cardio One, with a bike ride.

Breakfast:  Greek non-fat, plain yogurt with cinnamon and sliced almonds.
Lunch:       (Was not hungry.)
Snack:        Hummus and baby carrots.
Dinner:      Filet Mignon and dark green salad with tomatoes and olives.

Now, I know I have to eat everything, as I am exercising so much, but it's hard to eat regularly after having bad eating/time habits.  I will start earlier in the morning.  I will also start exercising earlier, because I did the DVDs back to back, and I was very weak.  That's from no lunch and not working out in a while.  

Getting back to my life is difficult, but I have a great support group, and one of them is my stepmom.  She is amazing.  She is in her sixties, and she runs!  Such an inspiration.  She has more energy than I do, so I need to get moving.  

I also need to eat that dinner in the kitchen that's waiting for me!

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