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Monday, February 3, 2014

Have You Given Up Your Resolution Already?

Did the Superbowl do you in?  Was it those cute little girls selling cookies?  Are you just tired after a month of exercising and dieting?  Ready to give up?  Already have?

Don't Give Up!


1,  You promised yourself.  You are the most important.
2.  You'll only panic before swimsuit season, when you start this madness all over again.
3.  You've already made a financial investment:  food plan, exercise, or more - don't waste the money.  4.  You are a role model for everyone you know.
5.  You promised yourself.

Many of you have talked yourself right out of exercising and eating right.  I'm guilty myself.  There's always tomorrow.  What, you say?  Begin today?  Okay!  Only if you do...  Get back on track with me, and forget those January blues.

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