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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

More Pounds Down!

FOUR in one week!  I am so happy I can't stand it.  That's 39 pounds just this year.  And it has stayed off!  I'm hoping for 50 gone by the end of the year, which will be more difficult with the holidays coming, but I am so motivated by two things: getting over 40 pounds lost and going under another big number.

For all of you that are struggling: it can be accomplished.  I'm not following any type of program, but let's look at what I have done.  Recap time!

1.   Stopped drinking all sodas. (2 1/2 years!)
2.   Drink unsweetened ice tea and water...all kinds of tea, but made by me.  (Sometimes I use Stevia)
3.   Added more fruits and veggies.
4.   Less meat.
5.   Eat on salad plates.
7.   Ice cream novelties (like a frozen yogurt bar), instead of a huge bowl of ice cream.
8.   Cutting out salt, using other spices and pepper.
9.   Weigh once a week. (accountability)
10. Joined with others on Facebook and e-mail who are also losing weight: a support system.

My dinner plate is half vegetables/salad, 1/4 carb, and 1/4 meat.  I drink a ton of water and tea all through the day, and it helps to keep my belly full.

Good Luck on your own journey!

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