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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween and Weight

Candy has a LOT of calories, sugar, and fat.  If you think it's worth the extra weight and the beginning of your descent into holiday madness and the dreaded 10 pounds or more holiday weight, then go ahead and eat your kid's candy after they go to bed.  After all, they won't miss it.  They don't need it.  You do, right?  And those snack sizes are a joke, too.  You actually eat more of them than you would have if you had just eaten a regular size bar.

What do you do?  Two ideas:

1.  Put your child's candy into sandwich bags, and put them in a basket or Tupperware out of sight, like in the top cabinet.  Keeps it out of mind, and you can just grab a portioned bag for the kids when you want them to have some.

2.  Have a party, it's safer, better for snacks, and more fun.  Invite some kids over- and adults, and have a traditional to theme party.  Send the food home with guests.  Ask people to bring their own "carryout" bag, or use your own, and put leftover candy, cookies, and other sweets in the carryouts.  Don't take "no" for an answer!  Remember, you also control the snacks at your own party, so it should be easier to make a few healthy options as well as the junk.

Here are a few ideas for food arrangements that are more healthy than others...

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