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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don't Eat The Kid's Candy!

I know you.  I used to be just like you.  My ex-husband would raid the Hershey bars, and I would go for the Milky Ways.  My daughter will read this and not be surprised.  She'll probably feel like the kid on the macaroni and cheese commercial, that sees his mother's book club eating his mac and cheese, and says he is going to write a book called, A Mother's Betrayal, an autobiography.  That's what it is, you know.  And, you don't need the candy.

I'm glad my daughter is in her twenties now, and I don't have to deal with betraying her and stealing her candy!  I always used to buy a lot of candy, too.  I didn't do that this year.  First year ever that I didn't buy Halloween candy.  Awesome feeling.

So are my rings, as they are sliding around on my fingers, showing the weight loss in more than just pounds.  With that happening this week, I can say that I'm glad I didn't buy any candy.  Being thinner does feel better than eating candy.

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  1. They have organic chocolates that come in small portions too. and candies made from fruit. that would be a nice substitute as long as the portions are right. not an entire bag of minis!