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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Pain of Exercise at 43~

At the close of my third week with Katie and full-on exercise like I've not had in years, I can report that my body is feeling both fantastic and painful.  Of course, you must experience pain before pleasure, right?  Hmm...may be another topic later - another blog!  ANYWAY, when Katie showed up the first day of exercise and took me for a walk in a state park, I was not exactly happy about the heat, deep sand on the trail, and general discomfort that a lethargic body moving for the first time in a long while is going to feel.  My hips ached, my lung capacity was low, and my stamina was for crap~  Katie knew how to counteract this:  she studied photography for two years and I love it.  I fancy myself an amateur for sure.  She gave me a 35mm Canon to use with black and white film in it.  She taught me about aperture.  I got to take pictures all through the walk.  This has been a huge motivator, because I always want to learn more from her, so I don't cancel.  Try to wiggle out of some days?  Yes, but not cancel.  Trainers should use non-food like motivators - even the type of exercise.  When Katie realized that I love water aerobics, we added more of that and decreased walks.  The pool is better for me now because of the impact on my body at this weight and it still gives me a sweat, but not the detrimental heat that a Florida June blasts~   This is not to say that my 43 year old fat body loves all this movement.  My muscles ache, my back is stressed, and I get aches in places that I've not felt in years.  What to do?  Quit?  No, because I can feel muscles inside my body: my abs, legs, back, arms.  I feel stronger and more flexible.  I have more ENERGY.  I'm starting to like it.  I know.  It's sick.  My quandary is what to do through the pain.  These are my current solutions:  natural supplements for pain, yoga for pain, my parent's pictures on the walls, The Conspirator's massages, and just to shut up and suck it up.  It's about time.

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