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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Diet Coke Dilemma

   I love Diet Coke.  I've been "hooked" for over 20 years.  I've gone off it before, but not for very long.  When Katie said that it had to go, I was resistant, as always.  However, she had someone on her side.  Henceforth known as "The Conspirator" (A.K.A my fiance), he was coached by Miss Katie.
Since he loves me AND does the grocery shopping, he simply didn't buy it.  Okay, well, first he bought 2 liters and store brands, which he knows I won't touch ... because I'm a soda snob.
   It's been a love affair.  Cold, just-temp-right, fizzy, and in a coozie, I drank it despite what I know about the dangers of too much and the pleads to quit by my family and friends.  However, I was honest with Katie, told her it's not going to happen, ever.  Just move on.  She wouldn't.  The Conspirator worked on his job and Katie quietly offered tea replacements.  I put sugar in my tea made from scratch with lemon juice concentrate. She told me the minimal real sugar is better than diet coke and store-bought tea.  Tea is a natural diuretic, antioxidant (certain kinds are more so), and can help with the mood swings of menopause.  Some of the teas are calming, but some are natural stimulants, such as those with ginseng.  I like green blueberry ginseng tea in the morning!  Once she said I could have it iced no matter the time of day, I ditched the diet coke.  It also helped that I remembered my grandmother's Arnold Palmer recipe.  Yum!  I'm working on my 30-day gold star.
   I'm telling you, it was hard to detox off the poison of soda, but I feel better.  The rings on my fingers are spinning because of decreased puffiness, due to the amounts of sodium that up to a 12-pack of coke can do in a day.  I don't drink coffee.  I only have a frappe every so often.  Going off of the caffeine was difficult for about five days.  Some natural supplements for headaches and the tea helped immensely.
   This is the thing:  I sleep better and longer, less jittery during the day, don't feel bloated, and I save $120 a month easy in what I bought for home use and out in the world.  Tea is flavored water.  I know, because I make it fresh.  When I sip a soda now, even diet, it tastes like syrup.  Yuck!  I think that water is the next frontier.  I'll trust Katie this time.  Not so sure about The Conspirator though ...

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