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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fitness Heroes

There are many motivations to losing weight and getting fit, but the most effective way is by simply looking at the people around you.  Start taking a peek at those that are still alive in old age, those with fewer health problems than most, and those that are generally happier.  Usually, they're fit.  I have fitness heroes at every age level, and in no particular order, here they are and why:
   My niece and nephews, Bella, Jordan, and Ian are the healthiest kids I know.  Of course, my sister works at the Y.M.C.A as the membership director.  However, they love to work out, feel good, and have been consistent in their activities.  Their Mom, Jenn, is my next hero.  She started teaching aerobics after her third child and looks like she's never had even one!  
   Next up are a bevy of Uncles and Aunts on my father's side, all of whom are motivated by the heart disease in the family and their own desire to be healthy.  Man, family reunions were a nightmare.  Walk after breakfast.  Walk after swimming.  Walk after lunch.  You get the idea.  I admired them because I thought it would be impossible for me to be as fit, and I would simply die young, as my father did at 37 from a massive heart attack.  Momma Dar, my stepmother, was once heavy.  She's in her sixties and walks marathons.  MARATHONS.  So, I think I'll listen to her too!  Even my cousins on that side are in shape!  The pressure to be healthy has been the largest reason that I've disconnected from them in some ways.  When I realized that my fat was preventing me from relationships, well, that was a sad day - and one of change.  I can't wait for the next family reunion.  I'd love to walk with them.  
   I have a variety of fit friends, but I'd love to shout about three peeps that have changed me before this turns into a novel:  Kristina and Nanny.  Kristina is my daughter.  She's 21, and she's seen a lot of sickness and death with numerous family members - even her parents.  She started eating heathier and walking, then running, every day.  I'm so proud of her, and she's an inspiration.  Nanny is my grandmother.  She's 83, and she fell and broke her hip in New York in December.  She's back to fit now.  Because she ALWAYS WAS.  That's the trick.  She healed better and faster because she's already in great shape from tennis, walking, and swimming for years.  Right now, I'd have a hard time recovering from such a thing, if they could even get me off the pavement!  
   I want to be like all of these people and more.  The ones I thought I could emulate have already passed or are ill in some way.  Look around.  See who's old and what their lifestyles are.  Some are completely a mess and fine, I'm sure.  That happens.  Some sneak through.  But, I've never been a huge gambler, so I think I'll step away from the buffet and let someone else take my place.

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