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Friday, December 6, 2013

Gained - UGH!

I gained one pound over Thanksgiving week!  I really wanted to still eat and prove that losing over Thanksgiving is possible.  However, my step mom lost last week!  It can be done!  I did have two Thanksgivings.  No excuse, though.  However, I think that I will not make that same deal at Christmas. I always eat more at Christmas than any other holiday.  You know what that means...

Exercise!  Just have to make myself do it, and then I can eat, and perhaps even show a loss.  Basketball takes the weight off the fastest.  Guess I'll go with my hubby on his lunch.  Maybe I'll just go to the bleedin' gym!  Or, I could put on my tennis shoes and take a good old fashioned walk.

I believe I will do that tomorrow.   It's dark now.

Get up and walk off that turkey/ham/etc...!  Join me!

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  1. I love driving to downtown areas or parks for a pleasant walk.