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Monday, December 9, 2013

There Was A Loss Last Week

I was looking at the tracker online, My Pal, and I have 277 in there, and I weighed 276 last week!  I did lose a pound over Thanksgiving.  Whew, all that whining for nothing.  However, I'm going to put it on this week, since I will weigh on Wednesday.  That was a nice surprise!

I can report that not much tastes better than losing weight.  Seriously.  After being heavy for so long, it's nice to see the scale cooperating.  If I worked out regularly, which I have let slide, I would lose weight far faster - like Biggest Loser numbers.  At least up to 6-8 pounds a week.  Basketball was taking it off of me really well.  We are having record warm temps, unlike the rest of the country.  Hmm, looks like the court is calling.

As I decide what I will and will not eat over the holidays, I have to keep in mind that it will take that much longer to lose any that I've gained, and also any that I didn't lose by staying the same.  I must keep moving to lose the weight, because it is the goal, and I shouldn't let all the temptation get me - AGAIN, as it has in the past...

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  1. add in more work outs and the weight will be too scared to stay!